Three levels courses


Age groups: 4-6 years, 7-15 years.

Duration: 6 lessons, two hours / lesson.

The number of levels: 3 levels.

When you subscribe to Club cooking skills,participants gets:

  • File recipes and worksheets.
  • Certificate from manal al-alem center for each level.
  • Membership card at manal al-alem center.


What the common benefit when enrolled in this course:

  • Increase vocabulary through the identification of new Titles and proper tools and actions (What do I do in the kitchen? Knead sift cut).
  • Opportunity to deal with fruits, vegetables and various types of food to become familiar and has addressed loves.
  • Cultural information about healthy food obtained during joint sessions of the cooking club and skills.
  • Scientific information, the principles of mathematics, cultural information about healthy food obtained through the joint sessions of the club and culinary skills.
  • I eat what I make with my own hands .. through subscribing to Club cooking skills.
  • Acquire the proper dietary habits.