one of the interesting activities that the center had celebrating a girl's birthday (Myar Al-anies) 14 years with her friends in a new and diferent way of celebration. They started the party by making and decorating cupcakes,they took pictuers, laughed,had fun, and learned something new and this is what Manal Alem center aim to.
To our lovely mothers Manal Al-alem Centre is pleased to present each mother a book from series versio kitchen Manal Al-alem on the occasion of Mother's Day Go ahead, visit the center and get your free copy, every year and all of our mothers fine.
Ms. Manal Al-alem introduced offer on her cooking utensils on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Manal Al-alem Center participated nmozjia school celebration held on the occasion of Mother's Day by distributing a set of books series versio kitchen Manal Al-alem, which was held at Cafe lemon.
Buy Manal Al Alem Cookware set and get Manal Al Alem recipe book for free!   Chef Manal Al Alem is bringing to you her cooking experience with her own 10-piece cookware set specially handpicked by her. You can now cook like a pro with the Manal Al Alem cookware set. They are professionally designed with an internal and external Ecolon coating made of aluminum die cast allowing them to be non-sticky and scratch resistance. Enjoy faster and healthier cooking with the aluminum die cast thermal conductor.  This isn’t any normal cookware; they can be used on gas, electricity, hot plate.…