The anxious from Manal Al-Alem center to give the opportunity for Mabarrat Um Al Hussein children to participate in the cooking courses , Manal Al-Alem center participated a number of Mabarrat Um Al Hussein children to learn several skills through the development of a distinctive recipesWhich added to Manal AL-Alem Center staff  happiness when they see their smile and the joy of participating.Diplomatic Bazaar
Manal Al-Alem in Manal Al-Alem Center for Tools and Culinary Arts
Participation of Chef Manal Al-Alem in Dubai Food Festival 2015 under the slogan (Find your flavour)
one of the interesting activities that the center had celebrating a girl's birthday (Zayna El-Hnieni) 8 years with her friends and her family in a new and diferent way of celebration. They started the party by making and decorating cupcakes,they took pictuers, laughed,had fun, and learned something new and this is what Manal Alem center aim to.
The participation of Ms. Manal Al-Alem in the Diplomatic Bazaar for Mabarrat Um Al Hussein where it inaugurated by Princess Basma, where Ms. Manal Al-Alem signed her books.